Does reading hateful stuff make us feel better?

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I’m opening with a tweet from a very well known UK journalists and radio presenter because as I write, the UK is in meltdown due to Meghan and Harry having decided enough is enough.

What shocked me about this tweet is that someone that works in the media, had no idea how awful the media are. He’s on the inside looking out. We are the poor sods force-fed this nonsense on a daily basis.

That the likes of Piers Morgan and Eamon Holmes are now in full frontal attack mode because the press is being called out, highlights, even more, its abhorrent behaviour.

And it is nonsense. If you’d like to read some factual information about the hounding that Meghan has had to put up with — don’t go to the mainstream rags — go to The Byline Times. Read the legal case, see the facts.

This post isn’t going to be about if they should stay, go, move to the moon — this post is about the UK media and how utterly vitriolic they are and how a nation that believes itself to espouse the importance of manners, of politeness, of tolerance and gentlemanly behaviour, might, at its core be none of these?

The real question for me is why do UK citizens a) read this stuff, and b) seem to enjoy it?

Has it been a slow-boiling frog thing? Have we become immune to the slow, insidious drip drip drip of vitriol to anyone that the hacks focus on, that we, like Mr O’Brien, can’t see it because it’s always been there?

Do we read the newspaper now, much like we consume social media in that we do our best to filter out the more sewage like elements, unaware that subconsciously bits do go in? We must enjoy this stuff, we must be the ones encouraging the journalists to write it. We must enjoy that feeling of smugness, “see — she’s not that special — she might have bagged herself a Prince, but look at how awful she is”.

Does reading this hate make us feel better?

I’ve written about the UK media before. I don’t like the fact it’s little more than propaganda and hate. The BBC has plummeted in world estimation because it has been proven to be biased during Brexit and the latest UK general election, but those ‘in’ the media have refused to acknowledge this.

Living here in Iceland, we have a very small population, and what has struck me time and time again is the news. It’s not filled with vitriol, it’s not full of propaganda, it’s full of genuine news.

I long for the day the UK returns to real journalism, one that doesn’t rely upon made-up stories or spin, or bias, but is a reasoned exploration of the facts. Life is not binary, there are often more than two sides to a story, there may be many sides.

Meghan and Harry are humans. Humans are complex, families are complex, relationships are complex, but from the BS in the UK media today, Meghan is a total bitch that has Harry under mind control, ( Adam and Eve all over again). How much more openly misogynistic can you become, and this is alleged by a female ‘celebrity’ psychologist.

The UK media are showing us all who they truly are with this affair. My wish is that people will start to see it for what it is and switch it off.

None one needs this nonsense and hate, and no one deserves to be at the receiving end of it.

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Copywriter and Blogger. Living the frozen dream in Iceland.

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