The shaming of how we sleep with our babies.


The UK charity — The Lullaby Trust — have recently changed their advice from warning against co sleeping, to putting out advice for safe co-sleeping.

Opinions on either side are fierce.

Co sleeping advocates sleeping with your child, and tending to their needs as and when they need them. This can mean waking every two hours to feed a baby, and the co sleeping continues until the child is able, of their own free will — generally — to sleep alone. This can and often does take years to happen.

Sleep training is a western, fairly newish concept and this is where the reason for this article, and my question comes into play.

When I had my daughter, we were able to live off one salary. I was a stay at home Mum, so I didn’t matter too much if I had a restless night or three. I could kip in the afternoon with my daughter.

I strongly believe in choice and choices that work for you .

I was very fortunate, I know that, yet when I go into facebook groups and hear the pain of women that want to co-sleep avoiding mother and baby groups because they are shamed due to their choices, well, something is very very wrong.

Copywriter and Blogger. Living the frozen dream in Iceland.

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