Is Responsibility keeping you ill?

Which got me thinking about how I operate and what my though processes are around responsibility.

  • You feel uncomfortable if someone else is struggling with a problem, and you have the urge to help them, or even do it yourself.
  • You feel you need to make sure everyone feels good.
  • You drop whatever you are doing to help others.
  • You put others needs before your own.
  • You are overly conscientious in your work.
  • Your body tenses up when family members come home.

“We hardly ever realise that we can cut anything out of our lives anytime, in the blink of an eye.” Carlos Costeneda.

Unnecessary feelings of responsibility drain us of energy

Responsibility is a part of life, but as an overachiever — did we take on too much, and that helped grind the machine to a stop?

I didn’t need to be responsible for half the things I thought I was.

Yet how do we change this?

  • First step is obviously awareness.
  • What I will tell you though is to drop as much unnecessary feelings of responsibility as you can.
  • Feeling responsible for your C.F.S.?
  • Each time someone asks you to do something, catch yourself before you respond, and internally ask — is this my responsibility? If I do this, am I people pleasing? How much energy will this take from me?

We don’t have to be responsible for it all.




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