Over 15 years ago I co-slept with my daughter. If I remember rightly she was in our bed for a good ten months. She was breastfed, and to be honest the only reason I co-slept is because I was too lazy to have her in another room. I didn’t want to make the effort to get out of bed during the wee hours.

She never cried during the night, she simply wiggled a lot when she needed feeding, meaning I barely woke up to put her on the breast, and we all I have to, say slept pretty well.


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Have you watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix yet?

If so, what was your reaction? A mere shrug, and yeah we all know or did you throw your devices out of the house?

I was one of those that threw the phone to the other end of the room. Watching the show I had light bulb moments as to why you see the small dots wiggle when someone is replying to you.

Obvious when pointed out, but. I. had. no. idea.

And now I’m pissed off because all they want is my attention and my being — not much, but…

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How often have you simply sat with your emotions, without reaching for the phone, or a drink, a smoke, or a friend?

I’m going to guess and say probably not that often because it’s uncomfortable.

Who wants to feel sad, angry, frustrated, alone?

But if you are to heal, I suggest you become acquainted with this; the physical discomfort of your emotions.

Tara Brach writes about this in her book Radical Acceptance, and it’s a practice that I’ve come to rely upon.

It’s as simple as it sounds, but it’s challenging.

For example, you might be feeling frustrated. For me, that feeling is very much a deep ache in my legs. …

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The truth is they can’t.

They can only lay down the breadcrumbs of the journey taken. Sprinkle wisdom and insight learnt in ways they hope you can grasp and understand.

No one heals in the same way as another, it’s impossible.

And perhaps you shouldn’t even read this, because your journey will be different and this may send you off course, but my dearest wish is that there will be places where our experiences can briefly touch, and we can nod to each other in recognition.

This is my hope for this publication, that my breadcrumbs can help you. …

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I’ve blocked out time today to write for me. I can’t tell you the sigh of relief my entire body made as I came closer to the allotted time. I felt myself soften, relax and then dream; what will I write about?

I’m not going to add to the noise today, to the clamour, to make myself heard in the noise of content, nope I’m riffing — on paper.

I’m following my body, one that has sunk slightly heavier into the chair, my legs tucked further under it, my shoulders relieved of the burden to produce a product.

This writing…

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If you were unaware of your pelvic floor before you gave birth, chances are you are acutely aware of it now.

Your pelvic floor is basically a hammock of muscles that keep your insides inside and it stretches to the moon and back when you give birth.

And this is when the issues can arise — especially bladder weakness. The muscles have been stretched, everything is a bit lax and loose, and it doesn’t feel the same down there.

Not sexy, not nice, plus the odd heavy sneeze and whoops!

How do you fix this? By doing your pelvic floor…

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Last week I made my own washing powder. No biggie you may think, only it is, it’s huge.

Why? Because my entire body had a visceral reaction to it that caught me off guard.

But let me backup a little.

I live in the middle of nowhere, on a volcanic rock that is hugely expensive. A place where the shop owners just love to sprinkle an extra 100% mark up on top of the regular prices.

If you pay $4 for a bottle of detergent — over here double it and then add some.

So when I saw a YouTube…

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This article is a plea to not deny your lived experience.

As a former midwife, I saw traumatic births many times, and it certainly influenced the way I gave birth to my daughter.

I gave birth to my daughter at home.

It wasn’t because of any belief, it was because of knowledge. I have seen how women birth well, I know what can happen in a hospital setting.

But let’s start with the truth.

Trauma is trauma.

We experience trauma differently, we filter it differently, and we respond to it differently.

If you feel your birth was traumatic, it was.

Don’t compare it to anyone else. STOP DOING THAT. …

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Relief is probably not a word you would associate with the bro’ marketing advice of finding your ‘why’.

For as long as I can remember, it’s been a phrase that many marketers and business coaches mention; ‘find your why’ they say because it all comes from there.

Ohh money! Most of us reply. Lots of it, please!

Cue law of attraction and other visualisation techniques along with 90-day challenges. “I want to make a gazillion bucks, be a best selling author, sell my amazing widget!”

But is that really your ‘why’?

I thought I’d found mine.

I wanted to write. Simple.

But…I don’t adore writing, and…


I’m opening with a tweet from a very well known UK journalists and radio presenter because as I write, the UK is in meltdown due to Meghan and Harry having decided enough is enough.

What shocked me about this tweet is that someone that works in the media, had no idea how awful the media are. He’s on the inside looking out. We are the poor sods force-fed this nonsense on a daily basis.

That the likes of Piers Morgan and Eamon Holmes are now in full frontal attack mode because the press is being called out, highlights, even more…

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